500 Album Project

500 Album Project


I’m stuck in a rut. A questionable music rut!


I should begin by saying there is NOTHING wrong with pop music - but I feel like I’ve been going round in circles with my music choices lately. I’ve been living in a music bubble - and we ALL know bubbles are BORING*

I always listen to music when I work, so on Friday I turned to Google to help me; “what should I listen to?”… ‘The dark side of the moon, Rumours, Kind of Blue, Graceland, Led Zeppelin IV and Kid A’ (mostly blokes you might note!). I scrolled a bit and found Rollingstone.com top 500 albums. 500 seemed like a nice broad number, so there would be room for some obscure stuff. I started at 500 (Arcade Fire “Funeral”) and have finished 492 yesterday afternoon (Bonnie Raitt “Nick of Time”)

So far, the best part is not having to decide what music to put on - I just refer to the list. The slight spanner in the works is my kids are now so used to the usual dancey pop music I usually favour that they have been very confused by my choices this weekend. On Saturday night my 5 year old said “I don’t like this (Boyz II Men “II” (surprisingly enjoyable)), search for something LOUD and FAST” I obliged and we had a little dance.

Would you like to join me on my musical odyssey? It’s number 491 next, my absolute favourite album of 2020, and an amazing start to your morning I promise. Click this button to see the full list. 


And if you're on Apple Music, I've created a playlist to collect some of my favourite songs I've heard so far - click here to listen. 


*The uk government have ruined the word ‘bubble’ by applying it to the tiny groups of people/person you’ve been stuck with since March 2020. They should have called it a ‘gang’ or ‘mob’ or ‘swarm’ (extra fact did you know a group of wild cats is called a ‘destruction’)