Preparations for April Interiors 2023

Prep for April Interiors 2023

I'm really excited to share that I will be at the 'April Interiors' trade show at Cheltenham Racecourse on Monday 17th April 10am - 4.30pm - you can get your free pass here


It's a great mix of established brands, alongside smaller independent brands like mine. 


This is a trade only event organised by the people behind 'Curtain and Blind Makers Friendly Forum' (CABMFF) on Facebook. 

April Interiors

So, I have begun preparations for my first ever trade show! As you might imagine I'm a mix of nerves and excitement, but overall this feels like absolutely the right next step for me. In terms of the designs, I'm ready! I have over 70 different designs and colourways... I just need people to see them! 


It looks like a great show; with a nice mix of smaller independents and the more established brands. I am a little nervous about how to display things, as I don't have the space to store or the budget to spend on a swanky display system, but I think I'm getting there between a nicely draped trellis table, some artfully placed cushions and footstool, along with some display rails I picked up at the weekend. 


And, as I keep telling myself, the designs will hopefully speak for themselves. 

Work in progress

So I am currently trying to break age old patterns of behaviour which involves having brilliant ideas WHEN IT'S TOO LATE TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT. And trying to get everything sorted now (5 weeks before the show).


I have mocked up the physical layout of the stand in my living room to see what's needed, and am now in the process of list making, creating swatch order forms, postcards and ordering samples. 


I'm also thinking about marketing, this included:

Header for the website with link to tickets - DONE

Writing a blog post with links - DOING RIGHT NOW

Post to CABMFF Facebook group -

Post to instagram - DONE (on-going ... Instagram is never done)

Mailing list -


This is of course all stuff I should be doing all the time, but nothing like a deadline to get me started again. 


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